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Wait, what? What do dating and selection criteria recruiting have in common? Quite a lot actually! Black man woman couple

Dating is all about wooing that potential future partner

You’re applying for a selection criteria based recruitment process so I am assuming you are also old enough to have dated someone. You may have dated years ago and are now married. Either way, the concepts I am going to talk about are relatable.

Selection criteria recruiting starts with a search

Dating does not necessarily being with a website search (or an app swipe). A lot do.  Dating does begin with a search for the right someone. Not all job searches begin with a website search. Most do. They do all begin with a search for the right someone. For the employer it is the right worker. For the worker it is a search for the right job.

Next the introductions

Once you find the right job to apply for, you get to know you’re prospective future employer. This is through their position description. It talks about who they are, what they want in a person, their values and beliefs and the things they need. They then get to meet you when you introduce yourself with your job application and selection criteria response. You may or may not get a call back and dating is like that. To maximise your chances of getting that phone call you need to give your best first impression.

First Impressions CountSame sex male couple

I talk in the Ultimate selection criteria blog about first impressions and not copy/pasting. Copy/pasting and using internet templates it lazy and it shows. When you’re dating, you want to feel special and know that the other person cares and is trying. Why would a prospective employer want less? Imagine being someone’s first date and they arrive late, or, scruffily dressed, or, not showered? Imagine if they’re not wearing deodorant and have sweat stains on their shirt? Feeling special yet? Your job application is your chance to make a first impression. Like all first impressions, that means first and only.

Olympic Athletes

In most of my courses I talk about preparing like an Olympic athlete.  You can’t turn up the day before without training and expect to win. You also can’t get someone else to do all the work and expect to win. Dating is not too much different. You want to relationship, the right person, you need to work for it.

Apply for the job like they’re your new partner

As silly as it might sound, there is a certain headspace you need to be in to get a new job. You need to be prepared to be the best. Give your best. You can’t be lazy, bored, disengaged or not be bothered to do the work. It will show, and reflect badly on you.  

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