Nature of Government Selection Criteria

A while ago I read a fascinating opinion piece called The challenge of building a jungle | Apolitical written by Olli-Pekka Heinonen. It reads in part: The story is used to represent an example of a complex system with variety, interdependence, and rapid pace of change. I love it for the fact it describes the […]

Formatting Selection Criteria Responses

Clear Space

This blog looks at formatting selection criteria responses. This is important because selection criteria and position descriptions have no standard format across governments; nor do how you (and other people) respond to them. How you respond however shows your written communication skills and your attitude. The Basics of Formatting Selection Criteria Responses Whatever the instructions […]

What Do Dating and Selection Criteria Recruiting Have in Common?

Wait, what? What do dating and selection criteria recruiting have in common? Quite a lot actually! Dating is all about wooing that potential future partner You’re applying for a selection criteria based recruitment process so I am assuming you are also old enough to have dated someone. You may have dated years ago and are […]