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About Criterial

Job Application Training To Help Land Your Dream Role

key selection criteria interview

Mission Statement

To deliver high quality training to enable every person to write a competitive selection criteria response for any government job they want to apply for.

Government and private job applications processes are very different. People already in government find it difficult to write a good selection criteria response to get an interview and a job. This is because no one has ever been taught the skills, until now.

Criterial delivers online job application training and individual consultation so people can develop their own selection criteria writing skills. These courses are for people just starting out, trying to transition from private to public sector and for long time government employees trying to move up the organisational ladder.

Established in 2018, the Criterial team has more than 20 years of government recruiting experience and have read thousands of selection criteria responses. We can help you develop your own writing skills, so you are competitive in any job you apply for.

What We Do

At Criterial, we deliver training that you can apply in the real-world next time you complete a job application.

The courses cover every aspect from how position descriptions are written, how to use the STAR model, how to apply your career examples to the selection criteria response, and, if you want pre interview coaching we can provide that too.

We aim to empower you for every application you write to get an interview and get the job; not just write an application for you to submit.

key selection criteria interview

Meet the Team

richard branch

Richard Branch

Principal Instructor and Founder

Richard Branch commenced his career in government in 1993. Richard completed his first selection panel member training course in the late 1990’s and has been recruiting ever since.

Richard has read thousands of applications in that time and conducted scores of interviews. This experience gives Richard an unparalleled in depth understanding of government recruitment processes and what you need to do to be successful.

Criterial was started by Richard in 2018 because of frustration with conducting recruitment process for government roles. Good candidates were not getting shortlisted because they couldn’t complete government selection criteria. Richard’s choice was to sit and be frustrated or do something about fixing it. Criterial was born.

Initially assisting people on AirTasker and later formatting the same advice and skills into an online training format, Richard breaks the application process down into easy to follow, step by step, 3-4 minute lessons. This gives you his decades of experience in simply to follow and implement lessons.