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Translate your teacher skills into corporate skills

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Translate your Teacher Skills into Corporate Skills I read a lot online from people burned out in lots of professions; how as “teachers” do you translate your teacher skills into corporate skills? Teaching is one of those professions where people are burning out[1].  As a teacher though, what can you transition to other than “teaching”? […]

Modifying Old Selection Criteria Responses for New Criteria

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This blog is a discussion about modifying old selection criteria responses to answer new or similar selection criteria. If you’ve read any of my other selection criteria writing blogs, you’ll have heard me say constantly “don’t be lazy”. What’s this blog about? Being lazy. It’s about refining and reusing work you have already done so […]

The Days of Government Jobs for the Team are Gone

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In times long passed, history and folk lore say that government jobs used to be almost certainly be given to a government employee, probably in the team. Government Jobs – A Long Time Ago MERIT was known in some places as an acronym for Mates Elevated Regardless of Intelligence or Training. Government Jobs – Here […]