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What people say they want to see here…FAQ…"The Survey Says?"

There is a pop-up exit survey on the site that detects when you are about to leave the page asking for what help you need addressing selection criteria. So far, 40 people have been kind enough to complete it and receive a 25% discount code in return for their time. Yep seriously, 25% for clicking a few buttons.

The survey has three initial choices about what you would like help with:

  • Job application
  • Job interviews
  • Something else

Looking at job applications and interviews this is what you’ve said to me.

A lot of things people have asked for are already covered on the website and in the training so I’m going to point to exactly where those resources are.


Job Applications

Graph Showing Survey Responses

As you can see the biggest responses by far:

  • Understanding the position description – selection criteria
  • Applying – addressing selection criteria


These are covered in my flagship course Completing selection criteria and you can see them both in the free preview here!

Understanding the position description – vision and mission, and, Understanding the position description – key responsibilities.

You can also see the content that covers two of the runners up in the free preview as well:

  • Understanding the position description – vision and mission, and,
  • Understanding the position description – key responsibilities.

You can enrol in the free preview, or, read the slides from the course here to get the gist of what it says. The online course comes with added features of the training system being narration, learning objectives and examples.


Of the top 4 survey items, I can point you to information for three of them and for free!


Finding a job to apply for I have blogged about previously discussing how to find jobs on government websites.

My second major course Your Career Examples has content on:

  • Applying – choosing work examples
  • Applying – applying work examples

Your examples are the most important part of any job application or interview.

Why? Because your one example can be used to address a lot of criteria as this post on Reddit shows which I also discuss in my You’re Overthinking the STAR Method blog.

Criterial Reddit Post Selection Criteria Examples
Understanding the position description – other requirements (EEO, WH&S etc)

A less popular but not insignificant response is:

  • Understanding the position description – other requirements (EEO, WH&S etc)

These are very common selection criteria and always perceived as hard to answer in a meaningful way. The answer a lot of people give always feels like a platitude “a remark or statement, especially one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful“.

It is a selection criterion that gets assessed so it is important you answer it. At the time of posting this I do not have content on this but will develop some.


Writing a pitch

In last place is one of my most read free blogs Addressing the One Page Pitch:

  • Writing a pitch

If they’re content areas that interest you then please feel free to jump directly to them on the website.

That is a good segue (pronounced Segway – I didn’t know it was spelled differently either) to content delivery.



The delivery you want is mainly online (winning) followed by individual delivery either online or in person. That comes as a bit of a surprise to me, especially as an online business.

Individual delivery (either face to face or online) is tough as time is money so individual training is always more expensive. Arguably, the opportunity to ask questions to clarify as the training progresses offers more value to the learner as well.

I do offer a free Teams consultation here if you ever want 15 or so minutes of my time.

It is great feedback for me, and I’ll take it on board and see what I can do.


Job Interviews

Survey results graph interviews

Job interviews are not my core business but I do have a comprehensive blog that contains the pre-reading I get anyone who engages me for an interview preparation to read.

It covers:

  • Who is on the interview panel
  • Types of questions
  • Strategies for answering questions and using your examples
  • Types of answers
  • Improving your answers (being intentional about not just answering the question)
  • Competency areas
  • Values
  • The interview process
  • Recovering from a stumble
  • Body language
  • Managing time
  • Questions to ask the panel

I recommend Accomplish Education (click here to let them know I referred you) who specialise in interview preparation

Our mission is to use our knowledge and experience to help you achieve your career dreams by taking you from confused and overwhelmed about the idea of a panel interview to prepared, confident and capable!

and their RISE model (Recruitment Interview Skills for Employment) and learn how to plan and prepare for panel interview success.

Think of this as your all-in-one guide to panel interview success. 🤗

They’ll walk you through exactly what you need to know:

  • What you need to research & how to do it,
  • What type of interview questions you’ll be asked,
  • Strategy and techniques to build stellar responses that fully answer the interview questions,
  • How to manage your nerves during your interview,
  • Winning communication skills to use in your interview,
  • The do’s & don’ts of interview success; and
  • All of the practical stuff for the day of your interview.

Every element of your panel interview planning, preparation & strategy covered!


Choosing work examples I cover in my second major course Your Career Examples and as I said just above, your examples are probably the most important thing you need to know and be prepared with.

Two other things I have some content on being:

  • What types of questions should I ask in an interview go here, and,
  • How should I balance my work skills and my person life when talking in an interview go here.



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