Key Selection Criteria Based Interview Preparation

Scrabble tiles success preparation

Your Key Selection Criteria based interview I was pondering my newest key selection criteria blog and not exactly feeling like writing a lot, so I cheated. This post will outline the background information I give to anyone engaging me to assist with interview preparation. This is what I ask people to read and understand before […]

Career Change Selection Criteria – How To Write One

Recently I commented on an ABC Australia Facebook post titled “How do I change careers when I’ve been in the same job for ages“. The short version of the comment was “apply your skills”.  You can read the long version here, but this blog will have a look at how to write a career change […]

Avoiding Selection Criteria Ageism as Unconscious Bias

In the almost post COVID world we live in, job markets are increasingly competitive, supply of workers is reducing and completing a competitive selection criteria is more important. Employers can choose to be choosy and suggestions of selection criteria ageism are increasing. 50 is the new 60 when it comes to defining ‘older worker’ A […]