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Word processing skills and selection criteria

Mobile phone screen showing microsoft tools

With Modern Word Processing there is no excuse for poor grammar (or wordy responses) The irony of writing a piece on word processing skills and selection criteria, when selection criteria are by nature always wordy and hard to understand,  is not lost on me. I covered in a recent blog one of the OpenAI/ChatGPT tools […]

Translate your teacher skills into corporate skills

Teachers desk, apple and block letters

Translate your Teacher Skills into Corporate Skills I read a lot online from people burned out in lots of professions; how as “teachers” do you translate your teacher skills into corporate skills? Teaching is one of those professions where people are burning out[1].  As a teacher though, what can you transition to other than “teaching”? […]

Mandatory or Discretionary Selection Criteria Requirements

3D letters spelling PERFECTIONISM

Mandatory or Discretionary Selection Criteria Requirements Many position descriptions have mandatory or discretionary selection criteria requirements. Mandatory means “required by law or mandate; compulsory”. As I discuss early in the ultimate selection criteria blog, roles such as lawyers, nurses, accountants, doctors, engineers require qualifications. Professional (PO)— these positions have a mandatory requirement for a degree […]