Modifying Old Selection Criteria Responses for New Criteria

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This blog is a discussion about modifying old selection criteria responses to answer new or similar selection criteria. If you’ve read any of my other selection criteria writing blogs, you’ll have heard me say constantly “don’t be lazy”. What’s this blog about? Being lazy. It’s about refining and reusing work you have already done so […]

Formatting Selection Criteria Responses

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This blog looks at formatting selection criteria responses. This is important because selection criteria and position descriptions have no standard format across governments; nor do how you (and other people) respond to them. How you respond however shows your written communication skills and your attitude. The Basics of Formatting Selection Criteria Responses Whatever the instructions […]

Addressing the “One Page Pitch Selection Criteria”

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This blog discusses the new and becoming more common “One Page Pitch Selection Criteria”. Selection Criteria are Evolving Selection criteria frameworks and responses have been static in government for decades.  With a few exceptions such as GOC’s like and Statutory Authorities, most government departments have used the “old fashioned” formats. The evolution in criteria […]