Nature of Government Selection Criteria

A while ago I read a fascinating opinion piece called The challenge of building a jungle | Apolitical written by Olli-Pekka Heinonen. It reads in part: The story is used to represent an example of a complex system with variety, interdependence, and rapid pace of change. I love it for the fact it describes the […]

You’re overthinking the STAR Method

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You’re Overthinking the STAR Method Here is my ultimate KISS guide (Keep It Simple Stupid) to the STAR Method as posted on Reddit recently.  My advice is people get too hung up on the STAR method and focus on it, and not their example. STAR is a framework, what matters in your answer is your example and […]

Computer Skills Selection Criteria Examples

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Computer Skills Selection Criteria Examples – Don’t Say You Can Use Email and Calendar To provides competitive computer skills selection criteria examples, please don’t say you can use email and calendar. It’s 2022. Email has been around 50 years (yes 50) I’ll just assume you can. Email History – Then The first email is on […]