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Translate your teacher skills into corporate skills

Teachers desk, apple and block letters

Translate your Teacher Skills into Corporate Skills I read a lot online from people burned out in lots of professions; how as “teachers” do you translate your teacher skills into corporate skills? Teaching is one of those professions where people are burning out[1].  As a teacher though, what can you transition to other than “teaching”? […]

ChatGPT and Selection Criteria

Chat Bot Robot

ChatGPT and Selection Criteria ChatGPT has been in the news a lot these past weeks, especially being the start of the school year. Today I look at natural language artificial technology (AI) in particular ChatGPT  and selection criteria response writing implications. ChatGPT is the child of InstructGPT which in turn is the child of GPT-3 […]

Demonstrates Sound Governance Selection Criteria

Project governance wall

Demonstrates Sound Governance Selection Criteria Continuing the series of “What is the sub text of this selection criterion” today I turn to Demonstrates Sound Governance, hearing a collective groan from all the readers. Sound governance, also asked as demonstrates sound governance, and, demonstrates sound governance examples. Previous blogs in this series include: Relationship building key […]