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Word processing skills and selection criteria

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With Modern Word Processing there is no excuse for poor grammar (or wordy responses) The irony of writing a piece on word processing skills and selection criteria, when selection criteria are by nature always wordy and hard to understand,  is not lost on me. I covered in a recent blog one of the OpenAI/ChatGPT tools […]

Should You Use An AI Selection Criteria Writer?

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Should You Use An AI Selection Criteria Writer? ChatGPT has been in the news a lot these past weeks, especially being the start of the school year. Today I look at natural language artificial technology (AI) in particular ChatGPT  and selection criteria response writing implications. ChatGPT is the child of InstructGPT which in turn is […]

Data in Criteria Examples Doesn’t Convey the Passion Story

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When giving selection criteria examples applying for a government job, proof of your achievements is important. Proof comes in many forms: Case studies Statistics/data Testimonials References Projects that are now business as usual The proof needs to cover that you did what you did, what you say you delivered was delivered, the skills you say […]