Data in Criteria Examples Doesn’t Convey the Passion Story

Statistics and graphs on laptop

When giving selection criteria examples applying for a government job, proof of your achievements is important. Proof comes in many forms: Case studies Statistics/data Testimonials References Projects that are now business as usual The proof needs to cover that you did what you did, what you say you delivered was delivered, the skills you say […]

Sell Yourself in a Job Application – Modesty not Boasting

Woman in elevator

I’m Not Good at Selling Myself An area where applicants often fall down is failing to sell yourself in the job application. One of the most frequent things I have heard in 20 years of giving people feedback on selection criteria responses is the statement I’m not good at selling myself. To be blunt, you […]

Relationship Building Key Selection Criteria – Why?

If you’ve been applying for government jobs using selection criteria you will have addressed more than a few relationship building key selection criteria. Most position descriptions have at least one criterion for relationships. This can also be stakeholders, emotional intelligence, ability to negotiate and influence type skills. Have you ever wondered why that is the […]