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You’re overthinking the STAR Method

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You’re Overthinking the STAR Method Here is my ultimate KISS guide (Keep It Simple Stupid) to the STAR Method as posted on Reddit recently.  My advice is people get too hung up on the STAR method and focus on it, and not their example. STAR is a framework, what matters in your answer is your example and […]

Selection criteria examples

Selection Criteria Examples: My Responses To A Real Job Description In this blog I want to give some full selection criteria examples, and talk through them about their layout. I don’t do this a lot as most of the selection criteria I deal with are not mine to share but this one is. A question […]

STAR Method Selection Criteria: The Definitive Guide

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Today I’m going to show you exactly how to use the Star Method for Selection Criteria in 2022. In this comprehensive guide I’ll cover: General Star Method advice Star Method for Addressing Selection Criteria How to write a Star Method response Details of the courses available to you to learn everything you need to know […]