Selection criteria examples

Selection Criteria Examples In this blog I want to give some full selection criteria examples, and talk through them about their layout. I don’t do this a lot as most of the selection criteria I deal with are not mine to share but this one is. A question I am occasionally asked is do I […]

Mandatory or Discretionary Selection Criteria Requirements

3D letters spelling PERFECTIONISM

Mandatory or Discretionary Selection Criteria Requirements Many position descriptions have mandatory or discretionary selection criteria requirements. Mandatory means “required by law or mandate; compulsory”. As I discuss early in the ultimate selection criteria blog, roles such as lawyers, nurses, accountants, doctors, engineers require qualifications. Professional (PO)— these positions have a mandatory requirement for a degree […]

Data in Criteria Examples Doesn’t Convey the Passion Story

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When giving selection criteria examples applying for a government job, proof of your achievements is important. Proof comes in many forms: Case studies Statistics/data Testimonials References Projects that are now business as usual The proof needs to cover that you did what you did, what you say you delivered was delivered, the skills you say […]