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An ‘alternate’ answer to why are you the best person for the job?

I was interviewing for a new job recently and after covering the three questions I’d prepared answers for, we got talking and I was asked the non-assessable question “Why are you the best person for this job”. Me of all people should have an answer for that, but, in the moment I went slightly left […]

Good pre interview questions to ask hiring manager

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This blog focusses on pre interview questions to ask hiring manager. It is the second in a series of similar themed blogs which deal with your preparation for your job application and/or job interview.  The first was why your next government job application should start with a coffee. That blog dealt with why you should […]

How to answer ‘tell me about yourself’ in a job interview

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The ‘tell me about yourself’ job interview question should literally be the easiest question you can ever answer right? You are you; you’ve been you your whole life, you know you better than anyone else; so why is it so hard to answer? First thing is the fact you are you probably means you don’t […]