The Days of Government Jobs for the Team are Gone

Woman signing document

In times long passed, history and folk lore say that government jobs used to be almost certainly be given to a government employee, probably in the team. Government Jobs – A Long Time Ago MERIT was known in some places as an acronym for Mates Elevated Regardless of Intelligence or Training. Government Jobs – Here […]

Avoiding Selection Criteria Ageism as Unconscious Bias

In the almost post COVID world we live in, job markets are increasingly competitive, supply of workers is reducing and completing a competitive selection criteria is more important. Employers can choose to be choosy and suggestions of selection criteria ageism are increasing. 50 is the new 60 when it comes to defining ‘older worker’ A […]

In government job selection – have a point of difference; don’t be beige

You may never have been involved in the hiring side of the desk in a recruitment process for a government job. Most people haven’t. It is an eye-opening experience if you get the chance. That’s not what we’re here to talk about. What’s It Like to Recruit for a Government Job? In the selection criteria […]