Good pre interview questions to ask hiring manager

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This blog focusses on pre interview questions to ask hiring manager. It is the second in a series of similar themed blogs which deal with your preparation for your job application and/or job interview.  The first was why your next government job application should start with a coffee. That blog dealt with why you should […]

Data in Criteria Examples Doesn’t Convey the Passion Story

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When giving selection criteria examples applying for a government job, proof of your achievements is important. Proof comes in many forms: Case studies Statistics/data Testimonials References Projects that are now business as usual The proof needs to cover that you did what you did, what you say you delivered was delivered, the skills you say […]

How to answer “tell me about yourself” interview question

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The “tell me about yourself” interview question should literally be the easiest question you can ever answer right? You are you; you’ve been you your whole life, you know you better than anyone else; so why is it so hard to answer? First thing is the fact you are you probably means you don’t prepare […]